Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bathing Beauty

It's here! The warm weather has finally arrived, which inevitably means pool parties and trips to the beach. Sounds fun, right?! It is until you realize those "fun" things to do involve swimwear - EEK!

I have yet to meet a woman who loves shopping for swimwear. The awful lighting, the fact that our legs haven't seen the sun in almost a year, combined with the possibilty that we may have slacked a bit lately when it comes to our workout schedule! 

I have some good news today though. No, I don't have a new miracle suit to tell you about, but I do have some tips on what to look for when shopping for the best suit for your body. 

Today, I am starting with the bottom half...

To Minimize/Distract
Ÿ  choose ruffles, patterns, or lighter colours on the top half of your body, and pair with a darker solid on the bottom (this brings the focus up and away from bottom)
Ÿ  to draw the eye up and away form the lower half, try an empire waist and details at the chest (like colour blocks and embellishments)
Ÿ  try a v-bottom, where side seams are above the hip bone (this creates a longer and leaner leg)
Ÿ  if youre thigh shy”, look for skirted bottoms (be careful though, this will make your legs look shorter, so if you already have shorter legs, you may want to avoid this look)

TOTALLY AVOID: busy patterns or details on the bottom half, and boy shorts

To Create Curves on the Lower Half
Ÿ  choose large all over prints
Ÿ  horizontal stripes (and details) widen an area and ruffles help to add curves
Ÿ  reflective fabric, textured material, and embellishments add fullness
Ÿ  one piece suits with cut outs (breaks up torso and shifts the focus width wise)
Ÿ  boy shorts

TOTALLY AVOID: long, vertical details and patterns

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