Monday, July 4, 2011

How to spot a fake

Okay, I have something to admit and it's going to be somewhat controversial...but here it is.

I can't stand handbags with logo's all over them! 

Now, judging from the number of women I see walking around with them on their arms, I know I am in the minority with this one, but I just find something utterly tacky about toting around a bag with a designers logo all over it. To me, it screams, "look what I can afford"! Or, "look, I have style and taste". When in fact, I find it makes the opposite statement. Especially when the majority of the time, the women I see carrying these purses are rarely dressed stylishly, and instead are wearing cheap shoes and not so flattering outfits. And let's be real here, most of the time, these bags aren't even real. Which makes it even worse - carrying a "fake" expensive handbag. Why? What is that all about?

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. 

If you just can't resist these bags, and HAVE to have one but don't want to pay full retail prices (and go the consignment store or e-bay route), today I want to offersome tips on how to spot a fake.

1) Serial Codes in handbags don't mean a thing. To find out more, check out THIS ARTICLE on how to identify authentic production codes.

2) If someone is selling one handbag because they are bored of it, that's one thing. If they have dozens of handbags they are are selling (on e-bay or some other online selling community), chances are they are fakes.

3) Lastly, use your common sense. For example, if someone is selling a $2000 bag that is from the current season for only $40, you are not looking at an authentic bag.


  1. Love your post!

    I also hate branded, tacky purses. It really gives me a tachycardia. I was staring in disbelief at this ordinary looking woman carrying a Gucci. I had a Bitch pls look.
    *sigh* But I now find myself in a crossroad where I don't want to pay less than $80 for a no-logo bag but only have it last one season. So, I am going to the consignment store to scope vintage Gucci bags. So, I will be joining the masses but, without being one!



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