Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Frockin' Fabulous!

Imagine having a fabulous new dress to wear to every event? All of those weddings, work socials, holiday parties, etc? And since most of us stick to the same social circles, you don't always want to wear the same thing to every event. Plus, we're women...we get a bit sick of wearing the same thing over and over again, right? 

Well, what if I told you there was a way to score a different outfit for all of those special events - and there was a way to do it without doing some serious damage to your credit cards?! Well, it's now possible thanks to an awesome new Toronto based company called Rent Frock Repeat.

Founders Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wieber started the company after they were both invited to yet another wedding, and neither of them were excited about the idea of scouring the stores for another overpriced dress they would probably only ever wear once (maybe twice if they were lucky). And they knew they weren't the only ones feeling that way, so Rent Frock Repeat was born.

RFR Founders, Wieber & Delorme

So, how does  it work?

Simply put, Rent Frock Repeat scours the runways and the showrooms of top designers to find amazing frocks that would normally be outside of the average woman’s budget–or just not available locally–and makes them available to rent and then return at a small fraction of retail prices.

All you have to do is...

1) Register on their site (which is totally free)
2) Start scouring the site for your perfect dress and rent it (by the way, when you pick your dress to rent, you get to select your size AND a "back up" size...yeah, two dresses are sent to you just in case!)
3) Wear your awesome new dress and take in all of the compliments on your fabulousness
4) Return the dress after your big event

Rent Frock Repeat has something for everyone too with a variety of dresses from a variety of designers (like David Dixon, Pink Tartan, and Ali Ro), at every price point. Rental fees range anywhere from $40 to $525 (that is for a dress that retails for almost $4,000 by the way). How cool  is that?!


  1. What an amazing concept!!

    You have a great blog! Found you via the Fashion Bloggers group in Linkedin! :)

  2. Brilliant idea and very nice blog!


  3. Thanks Francesca - right back at ya! Love the name of your blog...



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