Monday, August 8, 2011

Stay True to Your Style

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"It's not WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it."

I always say that to my Personal Styling clients and my blog/social media followers when asked if they can wear a certain item. Whether it's because of their age, size, personal style, even where they live - it's like they need permission to wear it. Well, here's my super short and to the point answer - if you love it and it makes you feel good, GO FOR IT!

Fashion is for the masses, but Style is individual. That's why some of us look crazy in certain styles, and others look cute. Like CRAZY Edith from SCTV, and super CUTE Jac from Dirty Shiny Pretty. Sure, it's an extreme example, but you get my point, right?

Animal print on Edith vs. Animal Print on Jac
 For example, the "White Dress Shirt". No matter how hard I try (and trust me, every 6-8 months, I do), a white collared dress shirt just does not suit me.

Every Chic Fashionista out there may be wearing one with their super cute skinny jeans, luxe accessories, and edgy heels and it looks awesome. Just not on me. I look frumpy and boring - not to mention white makes me look super ashy. ICK!

It's okay to keep trying though. That's what fashion is all about - experimenting. And maybe one day I will put on one of those white button down shirts and the sky will open up, the angels will start to sing, and sparkles will fall from the sky -  I will look amazing!

But until that happens - I will stay true to my style even if the item in question is the "IT" piece of the season. It's the difference between being a fashion victim and fashion-able...because when you remain true to your style, your confidence shines...and that's the best look for everyone.

Now I am wondering - What is your "Go To" piece that makes me feel your most Stylishly Confident? Or what is that one item that you just can't seem to make work for you? Comment below...



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