Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shopping Tips

When I see people dressed in hideous clothes that look all wrong on them, I try to imagine the moment when they were buying them and thought, "This is Great, I'll Take it."   - Andy Warhol

That is one of my all time favourite quotes! 

As an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, women often hire me to go shopping with them. Hiring a Personal Shopper is different than taking a best friend shopping with you, or worse, depending on the advice of salespeople! Often, your friends are swayed by their own personal tastes or their biased view of you, and salespeople are often just looking to make a commission. If you are not going to hire a Personal Shopper though, I recommend shopping by yourself and tuning out the salespeople, and of course, following my Top 10 shopping tips.

The Rule of 3: When making any new purchase, make sure you know of 3 different ways you can wear it with your current wardrobe.

Know your limit: No one needs 10 pairs of jeans or a dozen sundresses. If you already have a similar item in your wardrobe, just say"No."

Shop Happy: Never shop when you are feeling depressed, it never turns out well.

Invest in everyday items: When I say everyday items, I mean things that you would wear EVERY DAY. Like a coat, shoes or boots, and a handbag. The super stylish know that those pieces can make or break your entire look, and since you are wearing/using them everyday, quality is key - so buy the best you can afford.

Be trend thrifty: It seems so obvious but I have done enough Wardrobe Audits in my day to know it's not so common sense. Save your money on the trendy pieces -fashion and trends are so fast moving. That trend you just blew a paycheck on is going to be over before you know it. Don't get me wrong, trends are important, they show that you are current. You just don't need all of them, and you shouldn't be spending alot on them either. Save your money for the "EVERY DAY" items mentioned above, and use what's left in your shopping budget to pick up a few trendy pieces you won't be heartbroken to get rid of at the end of the season. 

Plan it out: Heading to the shops blindly without any sort of plan is a recipe for disaster and overspending. First, make a budget and stick to it. Second, go though magazines beforehand and tear out looks that appeal to you or you would like to mimic. And lastly, if you need something to go with pieces already in your wardrobe, take those pieces with you to try on with new items you are considering buying.

Dress for comfort: Wear clothes that are easy to slip on and off. Nothing makes shopping more exhausting than having to get in and out of clothing that involves tucking in, buttoning, belting, or lacing up. This doesn't mean you should wear your beat up sweatshirt, old jeans, and running shoes though. We know you still get better service when you are dressed well, so go for something like a cute slip dress and sandals and in the colder months, a pair of leggings with a cute sweater and boots.

Wash & Wear: We all know how harsh those dressing room lights can be,so make sure you wash and style your hair and wear will look and feel much better when trying everything on. You can put on the most gorgeous blouse, but if you have dirty hair and no make up on, you'll never be able to judge accurately whether or not the top works for you.

The fit factor: If a piece isn't flattering to your figure, or is uncomfortable and you are already fussing with it in the dressing room, do not get it. Now, I do have to mention here, there are exceptions to this. If you find the most amazing dress, but the straps or the hem are too long, those are things that can easily be fixed with the help of a seamstress. The same goes for pants. For example, if you finally find the most amazing pair of jeans that fit you in all the right places but they're maybe too big in the waist, buy them! Taking in a waist is such an easy alteration. When it comes to looking your best and making less expensive items look pricier, alterations are the rule, not the exception.

Don't be sale stupid: The last, but maybe the most important rule. Just because something is on sale, doesn't make it a bargain. If if doesn't suit your figure, complexion, personal style, or go with anything else in your wardrobe - you will never wear it. How much of a deal is that?


  1. All great tips! I wish you lived in Vancouver because I could use your help!

  2. HA HA. Well, I am looking into adding some virtual services soon...I will keep you posted! :-)

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