Monday, September 26, 2011

Dressing your Hourglass Shape

When you are a curvy hourglass girl, it means you have a fuller bust and bottom that contrasts with a smaller waist. Which means women of every size fit into this category - you can be small and curvy, fuller figured and curvy, or somewhere in between.

So, if you are blessed with this ultra feminine shape, there are some tips you should follow when dressing your body to make sure you make the most of it (and not look bigger) and at the same time, don't end up looking overtly sexy (both of which are easy to do with your specific body shape).

1) Dress YOUR body. I know it's hard when we see others wearing a certain style that looks great on them, and you want to wear the same thing - but if you are more Jessica Simpson than Cameron Diaz, wearing a boxy and chunky sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of flats isn't going to do your figure any justice. If you want to do the skinny jean thing, pair them with a thinner knit sweater, belt it to show off your waist, and add a cute pair of wedge heels or boots.

2) You have a waist, so flaunt it! Wherever you are the narrowest, you need to show it off. That means you may have to skip trends like peasant blouses, empire line tops and dreses, and anything overly bulky or chunky.

3) Lastly, just because I want you to dress to flatter your shape, doesn't mean you need to flaunt it. You have a naturally sexy shape, so it's very easy for your shape to go from sexy to sleazy very quickly. Remember, it's best to show off only one sexy feature at a time, and leave the rest to the imagination.

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