Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Dress when you have a Fuller Chest

Sure, these stunning celebs make it look effortless - but any women with a fuller chest knows it's not so easy to find flattering pieces when you you have a larger chest.

That's exactly how Jill Homiak from Presenza felt! Jill is a fuller chested woman who after not being able to find tops that complimented her "fuller up top" shape, she created her own line of wrap tops for herself and her fellow "busties"! And she's also the writer of today's guest post on how to best dress your fuller up top figure. Read on for some of Jill's top tips...

How to Dress for the Full Bust

As a full-chested female, I have always had trouble shopping for the perfect outfit to flatter my buxom shape.  Dressing casual chic for a weekend outing, or creating the perfect sophisticated look for the workday are equally difficult!  Over time, I realized which looks were most flattering for my frame and kept those in mind when shopping for basic wardrobe pieces.  Here are some of my favorite tips!
Look For...

Pieces that hug your bust line and accentuate your waist - show off your curves, don’t hide them...the waist is the smallest part of your torso and should be shown off!  
V or sweetheart neckline - these necklines elongate the silhouette and draw the eye upward, creating height.

Patterns and detailing around the chest, extra fabric around the bust line, and shapeless garments - all of these design details will only make your bust appear larger and make your body appear shapeless.

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