Thursday, December 1, 2011

Leggings 101

They are one of my fave things to wear, not to mention super comfy and cozy this time of year...

But I recently had a client tell me she was "too old" to wear leggings because she was (wait for it), almost 40! WHAT!?

Well, I am here to set the record straight that women of all ages and shapes can wear leggings (and I have attached the pics to prove it), as long as you abide by some general rules.

Here, my top tips for looking your best when wearing leggings...

1) Go for a thicker legging, like a double knit. They will help hold you in more, hold their shape longer, and are just as comfy as their thinner counterparts.

2) Leggings are not pants - so they should never be worn with tops that show your bum or crotch! Your best options are tunics, longer sweaters, or a short dress. Add a belt if you want to create more shape.

3) When it comes to footwear, a cute pair of flats or boots (ankle, knee high, over the knee - whichever works for you) is your best bet. Avoid the Pretty Woman look and skip the super high or pointy heels, and go for a shorter or chunky heel.

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