Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Skirt for Your Shape

As a Personal Stylist, my clients often ask about wearing skirts - especially from what shape they should wear. Well, here's my abbreviated cheat sheet to get you going...

Plus Size: A lot of plus size women seem to want to wear their skirts very low - almost on their hips. Instead, go for something higher up - wherever you are narrowest on your midsection (which may be a bit higher than your natural waist). It will be the most flattering look for you. Pair with a fitted top tucked in, add a belt wherever the waistband of the skirt is, add a cute cardigan over top, and you are good to go! Try a fitted pencil skirt, or a trumpet style that is fitted through the hips and flared at the bottom.

Thin with no curves: If you are looking to add more curves and shape, your best bet is to tuck in your top and let it a bit loose, or add some layers and details up top for the same effect. Great shapes for you would be anything with ruching or pleats - brighter colours help too!

Fuller in the middle: The idea here is to bring the eye up or down, just not at your midsection. Do this with tops that have lots of details up top, or around the hem of the skirt. When it comes to shape, an asymmetrical skirt will bring the eye down, or a straight skirt with lots of detail on the bottom.

Petite with Curves: When you are short and curvy, it can be tricky to make your figure look proportionate. You will most likely want to create the illusion of length and make the most of your curves at the same time. Do it with a wrap style skirt, or one that has a defined waistband. Just make sure the length is above or at the knee, and the waist sits higher - to give the illusion of longer legs.

Fuller on the Bottom, Small on Top: A very common female shape (next to the hourglass). Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to wear something full on the bottom. It will just add width to the area you are most self conscious off. You can do a slight A-Line, just not too full. Ideally though, you will go for a straight cut skirt, and add details and volume up top (to direct the eye there), and make sure to highlight your super slim waist with a belt or detailed waistband on the skirt.

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