Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

As someone who shops for a living, I take great pride during the holiday season when it comes to gift giving and giving the perfect gift.
So today, I am doing something a little different by dedicating today's post to just that. And specifically, what to gift the Hostess at that upcoming Holiday party you are attending. Instead of the typical holiday potted plant, Christmas Ornament, or Candles - I am here to offer some more unique ideas.
I am loving this super funky personalized platter from Rosie Posie Designs for less than $25.
For less than $30, this personalized cutting board from Taylor Crafts Engraved is a gorgeous gift idea that the family will be sure to love.
These note cards from Take Note are super stylish and affordable too - get 12 for less than $20 including shipping!
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  1. They are definitely on the more expensive side but I think this years Eileen Fisher gift guide has a lot of great gift ideas. I bought my mother a beautiful scarf I'm sure she'll love, and comfy silk-cashmere socks for a few smaller gifts for my sisters.

  2. Thanks for the scoop on the Eileen Fisher Gift Guide. For sure, a little pricey for Hostess Gifts, but for Mom - great gifts!



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