Sunday, January 15, 2012

Building a Work Wardrobe Capsule

My clients often ask me about how to have more fun with their work wardrobe while staying within the guidelines of proper work attire, and without having to spend a ton of cash. Here's what I suggest...
1) Spend more on pieces that will be the backbone of your work wardrobe. Things that will last you a few years like quality pants, skirts, a classic dress, and a blazer. Make sure they are in neutral colours so you can pair them with your less expensive, colourful, trendy pieces.

2) Speaking of...the easiest and least expensive way to add some personality to your looks and showcase your unique sense of style by adding colourful tops, accessories, and maybe even some prints!

3) Make sure you buy multiple pieces that will work with one another (a wardrobe capsule). Not only does it save your time and stress when it's time to get dressed (because everything goes with one another - it doesn't take much thought in the morning), but money too!


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