Monday, February 20, 2012

"O" Body Shape - Evening Wear

It's the body shape that is characterized by being "fuller in the middle". If you have an "O" Body Shape like Jennifer Hudson, besides having fullness in the tummy area, you will most likely have rounded shoulders, an average to full bust, a higher waist (usually right under the bust), and nice legs and arms. When it comes to evening wear, ideal picks for you would be...

  • Empire styles that will show off the narrowest part of your waist.
  • Soft flowing fabrics in cuts that skim over your mid section without too many gathers will help disguise your tummy without adding extra volume.
  • Sassy and strappy shoes will show off your great legs.
  • Bracelets will bring the attention to your lean arms, and sparkly earrings will bring the focus to your gorgeous face.
Not an "O" Body Shape? Watch for evening wear options for other body shapes coming soon!

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  1. right, it is very important how the body structure and then the dress select. and your blog help to guide to women. thanks.
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