Thursday, February 23, 2012

"A" Body Shape - Evening Wear

Continuing with the theme of evening wear options according to your body shape, today is dedicated to all of the "A" shaped ladies out there.

It's the body shape that is characterized by being "fuller on the bottom". If you have an "A" Body Shape like Beyonce, besides carrying your weight in your hips/thighs/bum, you will have narrow shoulders in comparison to your lower half, a smaller bust, and a defined waist. When it comes to evening wear, ideal picks for you would be...

  • Styles that show off your tiny waist and flow away slightly from the hips without adding width.
  • On the top half, anything that adds volume or brings the eye up (embellishments, lighter colours, details, and fullness).
  • Accessories like sparkly or fun earrings and necklaces to bring the eye up as well.
Not an "A" Body Shape? Watch for evening wear options for other body shapes coming soon!

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