Monday, March 22, 2010

Dad Style

Okay so we all know about Mom jeans. but what about Dad jeans? You know the Dad look...tapered, faded, (are I say it ) sometimes pleated jeans? As if that isn't bad enough, then they pair those jeans with an old sweatshirt or unflattering sweater in some sort of neutral colour, tuck it in (ICK!), and throw on some old running shoes...maybe even a baseball hat? You know the look! Now, I'm not going to propose Dad should go all out "metro sexual", (the following info is for the more "mature" Dad) but there is a way to go from Drab Dad to Dazzling Dad without going over the top.

1) Replace the tapered/faded/baggy/pleated/highwaisted/old jeans with a more modern cut and colour. Think lower waisted (we're not talking hip huggers here, just not hiked up to your belly button) in a nice dark wash.

2) Guys, you know women always check them out, so why are you still wearing old sneakers and scuffed up shoes? You don't have to go all out with some pointy toed "metro" shoes to looks fashionable. A masculine but cool pair of desert boots, boat shoes (very popular this season by the way), or nice leather flip flops.

3) Ditch the dull and worn out t-shirts and sweaters and lighten up with a simple button down shirt, or t-shirt and sweater combo in some fun colours. Again, we're not talking all out "metro" and trading in the brown sweater for a lime green golf shirt. Start small. Why not try a green and white pin striped button down, or a camel sweater with a deep purple or blue t-shirt underneath? Have a bit of fun with fashion, that's what it's there for.

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