Monday, April 26, 2010

Mens Pants 101

Unless you want to be arrested (or you want to wear a skirt), for guys, pants are a non negotiable. And in my opinion...the item that can really make or break a guys look. Too tight, too baggy, too short, or too long...the list of mistakes is endless. Here, some Practical Fashionista's tips for making sure you stay in the "Do" category as opposed to the "Don't".

Denim - When it comes to jeans, choose a cut that is complimentary to your body type. Guys, you may have thought this was a rule only for women, but it applies to you too. Boot cut or straight cut is the most universally flattering, but if your "style' is a bit more edgy (and your body can handle it), you can do a slim cut as well. As for tapered jeans, these don't work for ANYONE!

Khakis - What I call the lazy mans pant (especially when always paired with a blue shirt...URGH!), I would ban these if I could. But I know some of you would still find them in some sort of obscure chinos black market, so, here are some tips if you must wear them. Keep them simple, which means no cargo styles (especially if you are over 18 years old and not in the army). Second, keep them for casual weekend wear only. They are not meant for business meetings or first dates.

Slacks - Pay attention to your personal style, but most importantly, FIT is key! Not too baggy (droopy crotch anyone?!) and not too tight (too much information). So, somewhere in between is best...where they are close-ish to your "bits and part" and derriere, but by no means, tight. Got it?! Okay, that was kind of awkward but I think you got my point...

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  1. Thanks for all the great tips, they were really help. What do you think about these men's pants?



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