Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Date Wear

For most of the 9-5er's out there, dressing for work is the easy part. This is due primarily to the fact that there is someone (HR) telling you what is acceptable, so you just follow the rules. But being in this type of fashion fog five days a week can sometimes cause confusion when it comes to knowing how to dress on your time off. Especially for a date! Don't worry guys, I've got you covered...

1) Take the "dress" out of dress pants by wearing your works pants with a cool pair of sneakers. We're not talking the ones you would work out in, something a bit more high end. Throw on a nice fitted sweater or t-shirt, and top it with a casual, but tailored jacket (suede, leather, maybe cuorduroy) or (nice) hoodie, and you are good to go.

2) If you really want to do jeans, just dress up everything else a bit. For the shoes, maybe some desert boots or cool slip on oxfords. Throw on a button down shirt and leave it untucked (but ironed please) and top it with a funky argyle vest or sweater, and you'll be going out on date #2 in no time (well, that's if you want I guess...HA HA).

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