Monday, May 31, 2010

How to present to land that first date...

Like it or not guys, appearance does play a factor in landing that first date. 

Now when I say appearance, this is not to be confused with how good looking or how many visable abdominal muscles you have. It's all about how well you present and put yourself together that counts. No matter how physically attractive you are (or are not), or how in shape you are (or are not), every guy can ensure he is well groomed and dressed. 

Remember, asking someone on a first date is like a first interview. First impressions count and are very hard to undo, so you need to make sure you make a good one.

So, while there is no need to look like you stepped out of a GQ magazine or are decked out head to toe in "trends" (ie. a bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt, skinny distressed jeans, and pointy toed shoes...ICK!), it doesn't hurt to step it up a notch. 

Trade in the old t-shirt for a more stylish one (topped with a sweater or jacket in an eye catching colour), and ditch the scuffed up running shoes for a nice polished pair of shoes...and that's it! 

Seriously guys, a little effort in the wardrobe department goes a long way...and will pay off big time with the ladies!

Friday, May 28, 2010

More, more, more...Sex and the City 2!!!

The premier was last night, and all I can say is...J'Adore SATC 2!!!

So, in honour of the girls and the new movie, a cheat sheet on how to unleash your inner Carrie, Samatha, Charlotte, and Miranda style.

Carrie - It's all about mixing! Whether it's patterns, high and low end, or styles.

Samantha - The sexier the better. Whether it's skinny jeans with heels, body hugging dresses, or bold accessories.

Charlotte - The ultimate girly girl. From florals, to ruffles, to preppy chic.

Miranda - City chic. You invest in quality clothing that can easily be mixed and matched like tailored pantsuits, silk blouses, and well made shoes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrifty...NOT cheap!!!

One of my top tips for being fashionably thrifty may sound confusing at first, but pay attention, it will make sense when I am done. Ready for it???

Invest in good quality clothing!!!

Having a few key pieces of high quality clothing that you can depend on to have you always looking your best (because they are well made, timeless, and fit you perfectly) will save you money in the long run. Think about it...

Think of it like a Return on Investment. Does it not make more sense to pay $200 for a premium pair of jeans that will not only last you years (I have pairs that have lasted up to 5 YEARS!!!), but fit your body perfectly rathar than spend $40 on a less expensive pair that fits "okay", and that you are replacing the next year because they just haven't kept their shape and good looks?

Know what items to invest on! How do you know what those are? Well, pretty much anything you wear ALOT and need to stand up to the test of time. Things like quality shoes, well made pants (casual and work), and a great fitting winter jacket.

Use the cash you'll save on trendy tops and accessories like scarves and costume jewellery.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everything is coming up Roses...

A Rose Is A Rose—Except When It’s An Eco-Beauty Powerhouse

Go ahead and breathe deep—smell that? That’s the scent of spring roses. From now through early autumn in most parts of the country, everyone’s favorite flower is gonna be gettin’ its bloom on. But you, lucky Ecoista, can enjoy its botanical beauty benefits all year long with these rose-based, eco-beauty essentials, which are free of parabens, petrochems, synthetic perfumes and animal testing—pretty much any baddie on our Big List.

Why roses? Serious results, in the form of cell regeneration and uber-hydration, from rosehip oil (rosehip is the pomaceous fruit of the rose plant—otherwise known as that bulb-y thing on your rosebush that looks like a weird tomato), which contains linoleic and linolenic essential fatty acids, as well as high concentrations of vitamin A, to treat eczema, acne scars, sun-damaged or mature skin.

Along with the astringent, bactericidal and—dare we say—aphrodisiac properties of rose petals distilled to create rose water and rose essential oil, these pretty flowers go so much further than scent. (But that’s nice, too.)

Ever since we popped a bar of Wembé White Rose Cleansing Blend into the shower, we lather up with a sense of connection to the natural world. Which is exactly what Wembé intends when it creates fair-trade, natural body products from Amazonian botanical elements. Speckled with rose petals and beautiful colored using organic vegetable dyes, this Paraguayan-made, vegan cleansing bar is luxurious and effective enough to use for daily bathing, and pretty enough that you’ll think twice about using it as, well, soap.



Yes, we love our essential oils, but there is something to be said for serious perfume. Composed of ridiculously high-quality, certified organic, wild-crafted, biodynamic and hydro-distilled essences, in complex arrangements orchestrated by master perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis, Strange Invisible Perfumes never disappoint. Their Aquarian Roses perfume smells like roses, certainly, but it’s richer and deeper than that. This mutilayered scent lasts throughout the day, leaving you with little whiffs of deliciously beautiful fragrance that evolves as it warms and softens. Captivating.


Do you want what she’s having? Celebs love CARE by Stella McCartney 5 Benefits Moisturizing Fluid—for good reason: It’s light, lovely to smell and packs a moisturizing and nourishing punch with grape seed oil, white mallow extract, green tea extract and rose oil. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it was created by the green queen herself.

Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil delivers targeted results with organic rosehip fruit oil, organic jojoba oil and highly prized Damascus rose flower oil. Before crawling under the covers, dab this beautifully scented oil on trouble spots—under eyes, around the mouth, on the neck. While you’re getting your zzz’s, Radiance is hard at work hydrating and repairing cells for a firmer, dewier look when you wake. Talk about beauty sleep!

Need a fuller bouquet? Visit EcoStiletto’s Beauty section for more of our picks, plus a chance to win $1,500 in eco-beauty giveaways! (link to

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GLAM it up!

The Glam trend is hot for this season, but how do you do it without looking like you are overdressed, or worse, like you are still wearing your outfit from the night before???

Here how to go Glam for daytime...

1) Embellishments - More subtle, less Minelli. Something like this Silk bead-embellished tank dress would be so cute for date with a pair of simple metallic flats.

2) A little bit of shine goes a long way - Whether it's sheen or sparkly, just keep it to a minimum. A little sparkle in a neutral colour gives a menswear inspired suit a much needed feminine update.

3) Bling It Up - When in doubt, some seriously eye popping accessories (like a purse, shoes, or jewellery), are the easiest way to go GLAM in a flash.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Top Gun Cool...with a twist

According to GQ magazine, it is one of the hottest accessories for the stylish male this year...Plastic Aviator sunglasses. An update on the wire rimmed version that has been around for some time now, the plastic version is a bit chunkier and oh so cool!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lane Bryant Controversy

What do you think???

People are still talking about the racy Lane Bryant commercial featuring a full figured model in nothing more than some skimpy lingerie and a trench coat. If you haven't seen it you can Google it, but pretty much, in the commercial, the model  is getting ready for a noon "meeting" with her man (and leaves to meet him in the  skimpy outfit).

Lane Bryant says ABC and FOX refused to air their sexy ad during prime time TV hours (during shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars)...claiming discrimination because the model was fuller figured.

What do you think? Is this a case of "too sexy" for TV, or "too big" for TV? I'd love to hear your comments below...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look like a Celeb for Less

The Look: Jessica Biel looking sexy and sweet in ones of the seasons hot trends...a long cardi over a strapless feminine dress. 

Here, where you can find the pieces to create the same look for less.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Emerald City: LA’s Best Eco-Fashion

Emerald City: LA’s Best Eco-Fashion
Guest post by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff from Eco Stiletto. For more Eco Style & Fashion, check out

When it comes to eco-fashion, Los Angeles is ahead of the pack. There’s something about its laid-back vibe and look-at-me style that infuses our ecoistas with a certain je ne sais quoi. Or maybe it’s just the sunshine.

Anyway, the irony that this sprawling, gigantasaurus, carbon-spewer of a city should spawn such a deep well of sustainable talent is not  lost on us. But we digress. We criss-crossed the city to find the best eco--fashion in our favorite ‘hoods--plus $1,700 in exclusive giveaways!


You can spot a Calleen Cordero creation from across the room. Thick brass studs accent supple, veggie-dyed leather (no chrome here) that mold to the foot in complicated patterns, while the heels of the hand-crafted wood soles strike the floor in a point. And those are just the shoes. With boots, bags, clogs, cuffs and even guitar straps under her belt—her design, of course—Calleen (pictured above, in a photo generously shared by Los Angeles magazine) is single-handedly bringing back the art of artisan accessory making, one sole at a time.


From fabulous heirloom jewelry to somebody’s grandmother’s prom dress, there’s really nothing you can’t find at the Rose Bowl. That’s  kind of how we felt when we discovered fashion editor and former Vogue staffer Brenna Egan’s new online vintage emporium, Chic & You Shall Find. Forget the mismatched photos of online vintage shopping of yore, C&YSF presents gorgeous, period pieces expertly styled—from sunglasses to shoes—and photographed. But be forewarned: Stock sells and swaps out daily, so those $185 Louboutin Espadrilles (yes, really) you’ve been eyeing today might not be there tomorrow.


We’re written about Deborah Lindquist before—she was upcycling before anybody’d even coined the term (maybe she did). But we couldn’t resist a shout-out ‘bout her newest collection, a rocker-meets-gypsy inspired smorgasbord of pieces, made from sustainable and upcycled materials like hemp, micromodal and recycled cotton, destined for Sunset Boulevard. The centerpiece of Deborah’s wearable eco-fantasy? A bustier made of a fabric crafted from recycled cassette tape and get this: It plays sound.



There was a time in Los Angeles when buying jewelry meant you went to Westwood. Not Downtown, not to Beverly Hills, but to the tiny little jewelry shops wedged into pizza-slice store fronts between a falafel place and a record store. Of course, in those days, no one knew from blood diamonds, and the fact that uber-polluting cyanide was used to mine the gold that composed the delicate little unicorn charm hanging between your collarbones was off-record. You wanted the unicorn. And you wanted a boyfriend to buy it for you. And when that didn’t happen, you stole quarters from your father’s stash until you’d saved up enough to buy it yourself. The little unicorn is long gone, but that fierce desire for a delicate trinket lives again when you witness the work of local jewelry designer Danielle Birrittella, whose line, EllaPoe, is crafted solely in recycled EcoGold and conflict-free stones, and donates a percentage of sales to Women for Women International. Now where did you put that quarter?


If you’re a ‘bu girl, you know the uniform: flip-flops, low-rider skirt, tight-in-all-the-right-places tee over an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie. And since Pammy’s been in the ‘hood, Malibu has gotten a bit more conscientious with that last part—you’ll see as many organic cotton tees at John’s Garden as you will as the party heads south on PCH. What are these girls wearing? Why, organic cotton =liv+grn” title=“LIV GRN”]LIV GRN, of course; each LIV GRN shirt donates 10% to Global Green.

For more Eco Stiletto, visit

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer 2010 Sportswear

The Sportswear trend.

It was all over the runway this year as a hot Spring/Summer 2010 trend. But no, we are not talking baggy sweats or Lululemon loungewear. Think more Tomboy Chic or Dancing Diva.

Some tips from the Practical Fashionista on how to take it from the Runway to Real Life...

- cut off t-shirts
- jersey and mesh fabrics
- sporty looking high heels like the ones pictured above
- and if you are really brave, a one piece body suit with a pleated tunic over top

 Come on, be a sport and try at least one of them out!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trend expert lists essentials for men’s everyday dressing

This is an excerpt from a great article by Rod Hagwood...

What every guys needs in his wardrobe for the weekend, according to trend expert Tom Julian and Nordstrom.

Here is the new list of essentials:

Knit tops – especially in a cotton slub (slubs are super-soft textured nubby yarns).
Check shirts – gingham, mini-check, plaid
Camp shirt – has pockets for your cell phone and can be worn alone or over a tank top or T-shirt
Novelty shirt – vivid colors, contrasting collars and/or cuffs, top stitching, double-spaced buttons on the placket, sometimes leather tabs for French cuffs a la Bogosse or Robert Graham.
Unlined jacket – turn it inside out and make sure the seams are finished.
Five-pocket jeans – dark denim (acid wash is for teens and tweens)
Outerwear – a zip-front blouson jacket in nylon; keep the design clean and simple (no tricked up straps and buckles).
Shoes – drivers and canvas sneakers

For more fashion features from Hagwood, check him out at...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dress YOUR body

I am often asked what my top tip is for dressing your best, and I have to honestly say that I can't pin point just one specific tip, but one of the most important ones, for sure, is knowing how to dress YOUR body. In other words, dressing the body you have, not the one you wish you had. When you know your body and what does and does not work for your unique shape, it makes it so much easier to know which trends, fabrics, and cuts to buy. And more importantly, which ones to avoid.

Besides booking a consultation with an Image Consultant like myself, here are a few basic tips to get you started...
  • if you don't want to add volume or fullness to an area, avoid bright colours/big and busy patterns
  • accessorize according to your frame - large accessories for a larger frame, medium for medium, and smaller for small
  • no matter what your size, fitted (not tight) clothing always looks best
If you want to get more specific information for your body type, contact me to find out about the Practical Fashionista online Style Profile. With some basic information about your body type and a couple of pictures, the Practical Fashionista can create a totally personalized online guide for you so you know what is best for you...from tops, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories, even swimwear!

Contact to learn more

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What will YOU Decide???

This "We Care" Wednesday Practical Fashionista post is a bit different. Usually, we chat about something Eco Fabulous like green clothing or how to be more socially conscious when it comes to your wardrobe, etc.

But today I'm not focusing just on being more socially conscious with your fashion, but about being socially conscious all around. And a great way to do that is to check out one of my favorite shows called,

It's one thing to look good, but sounding good is a plus as well.  Sharpen up on your social skills while being entertained by five of Toronto's hottest performers and find out why these shows have been seen by over one million people from around the world.  And while you're at it, take in the amazing restaurant scene before the show and consider capping the night off with a cocktail at one of the many chic bars located steps away from the theatre.

So, if you live in, or will be in the Toronto area at the end of May, check it out and strut your stuff in a new world of entertainment and at the same time support a show that's changing the world, one person at a time...something that is always in fashion!

If you want to learn more, order your tix here   

As a special treat for Practical Fashionsta readers, the show has agreed to offer a discount on upon checkout, use the code SKP team to get your 20% discount.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Trend - The Wide Belt

One of the hottest, and least expensive (YEAH!) ways to update your look this season is with a wide belt.

So H-O-T this summer, a wide belt looks great with everything from a cute summer sundress to a fitted tunic with shorts.

And since they are so inexpensive, you could always splurge and buy a few in different colours and styles for even more looks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Urban Cowboy Style

From the athletic jock to the metro sexual...just like women, guys have their own unique style personalities. Today, some tips on how to do the urban cowboy look in a modern way.

1) Ditch the flannel shirt. For a more fashionable look, go for a vintage looking Western style button down shirt. Use your shirt as your statement piece and get one with details like pearl buttons or some embroidered details.

2) When it comes to your jeans, a distressed and/or faded style is best. It just ups the "cool" factor of your look, without making it look like you are trying to hard. Also, make sure they are not too tight or you'll risk looking "dated". You want a nice boot cut and somewhat fitted, but never tight! For dressier occasions, go for a darker wash.

3) For some extra fashion flair, a cool belt buckle will do the trick. Think chunky silver or if you're really daring (and it works with the rest or your outfit), turquoise.

4) And lastly, but most importantly, you can't be an Urban Cowboy without the cowboy boots. Some may say you should get creative with snakeskin or two toned boots, but I say the when it comes to the footwear, the simpler the better. A classic brown, black, or even grey pair will always look the best, and provide more versatilty within your wardrobe. YEE HAW!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Day Make Up

I am very excited to introduce you all to todays guest blogger Dimitri James. An International TV personality, author of Becoming Beauty, make up artist, and Founder of SKINN Cosmetics, Dimitri is respected in cosmetic circles for his innovative products and cutting-edge technology. And today, Dimitri is giving us his top make up tips for your wedding day.

  • Use a mattifying gel before you apply your foundation to keep skin matte for photos.
  • Do not choose any makeup or colors with frost or sparkle; these shades do not photograph well.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Set your makeup by lightly spraying a mist of extra hold aerosol hairspray about 12 inches from your face.
  • Avoid shiny or gloss lipsticks as they do not photograph well and they do not last.
  • Layer a cream blush under a powder blush for longer wear.
  • Choose a matte translucent powder lighter than your skin color because as you reapply it will darken.
  • Do not apply a clay mask the morning of your wedding day because it will make your skin look shinier.
  • Hold a cotton swab soaked in eye drops that relieve redness over any last minute blemishes for 15 minutes or until the redness disappears.
  • Choose a matte flawless coverage foundation that is self-setting and transfer resistant.
  • Use a lip stain under your lipstick for color that lasts all night long.
  • Use real perfume behind your ears and your knees. Also apply perfume to the palms of your hands so that your fragrance lingers behind after you shake guests’ hands.
  • Apply a dry body oil to any exposed skin on shoulders, arms, or legs.
  • Apply a light brushing of matte bronzer to the décolletage area and in a circular motion over each breast if your gown is strapless or the décolletage area is exposed.
  • Apply antiperspirant spray to your palms, underarms, and feet. If your face tends to perspire, apply antiperspirant to your clean skin before applying makeup. This trick is fine for special occasions, but do not do this every day or you might break out.

Dimitri James is a makeup, hair and beauty expert who regularly appears on the Shopping Channel throughout Canada and ShopNBC with his SKINN Cosmetics & Skin Care line (

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thrifty style to DYE for!

Tie dye is a hot trend again this year. But as we know, trends come and go, so why spend a ton of cash on them? Here's an idea to get in on the tie dye trend and it won't cost you anything (well, maybe a bit of bleach, some rubber bands, and a wash and dry, but that's it!).

Take a pair of coloured leggings (black, navy, grey...I have some purple ones I am going to try this out on). Scrunch the fabric of the leggings in random places, tie with rubber bands...and continue all over. Dip the tied off sections in bleach one at a time, let dry for a bit, removed the bands, and voila...tie dyed leggings (very hot right now)! Just make sure to wash them before wearing to avoid smelling like a recently chlorinated public pool. ;-)

By the way, if you wanted to spend a bit of money, and create a colourful tie dye white leggings and fabric dye and repeat the above process.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Fashion

Eco Chic Fashion and Style isn't just about hemp fabrics and shopping thrift's also about creating your own funky and trendy pieces. And one of my favourite sources for that is at

Check out her DIY fashion section for some great tips and tricks...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eccentric Style

It's a definite "look" that was all over the runways for Spring/Summer 2010. From crazy layering, to unique hats, to wild embellishments and off beat styles.

But how do you do eccentric style without loking crazy or like you are running away to join the circus? The best rule is to pick one statement, own it, and keep everything else simple. Some examples...

1) Mix your prints. Pair a floral skirt with a pin striped dress shirt. Just make sure they are both in the same tone and colour family.

2) Use accessories. Pair a simple and solid coloured shift dress with a funky statement shoe and lots of bold jewellery.

Monday, May 3, 2010

For guys...The long and short of the Short

Some guys love them, some don't. But for the former, the time of year is fast approaching when you can pull out those shorts and let your legs feel the sun again. Just remember guys...shorts are great for leisurely activities (like exercising, doing yardwork, or even casual weekend wear). And though it may be H-O-T outside, please remember, they are NOT appropropriate for the workplace or a matter how "dressy" you think they are or how expensive they were.


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